Elle et Lui


Being a family owned and run shoe boutique, and the team all being Portuguese, we've been able to take our passion for Design and Fashion coupled with all of our relevant fields, (Design, Marketing, Events, Finance, Shoe Manufacturing, Research and Development) added a dash of Portuguese passion, and have created a very unique and special shopping experience.                                     

We carry the highest quality shoes and handbags from the who's who in Portuguese Footwear Industry, combined with a luxury retail environment and experience in one of Perth's prominent Luxury retail precincts, Claremont.       

Elle et Lui, translating from French to "Her and Him" (pronounced Elle ay Louie), means that we have something for everyone, from evening shoes, to casual shoes, business shoes and even trendy sports shoes for both men and women. Our intention is to bring these brands into the limelight within Australia and showcase them for their beauty, exquisite design and craftsmanship as well as ensure that you, our customers, are satisfied in the knowledge that you have purchased something very exclusive and exceptional.