Designer Profile Series: What you ought to know about Paulo Brandao

We decided that it's time you know a bit more about the fabulous Portuguese designers that we carry, so to break it down for you, we are doing a short 3 part blog series this week to serve up some designer profiles and introduce you to each one individually.

To kick off the series, this week we are looking at designer Paulo Brandao. He is internationally renowned and has dressed the likes of "Sex and the City" star Sarah Jessica Parker, one of the world's foremost style icons and self-confessed shoe lover. The brand has also begun a private label, manufacturing shoes solely for Maxima, the current Queen of Holland.

For the designer, creating women's shoes means to "turn a shoe into an object of worship". He believes that his shoes are worn by "determined and daring women". He produces sophisticated and refined women's shoes with a high level of craftsmanship aimed at women who value and honour comfort, originality, quality, timelessness and individuality. We can definitely agree that his shoe designs are classical, extremely elegant and have a certain air of power about them. The famous quote from Marilyn Monroe can definitely be applied to the ethos that underlines the brand Paulo Brandao: "Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she'll conquer the world."

This brand has been around for over two decades and has recently undergone a new phase of development by acquiring a new investor, Mr Rodrigo Leite, a prominent and very wealthy Portuguese entrepreneur. Along with this change, the company and brand is being reinvented, with the objective being to leverage the brand's growth by focusing on quality, design, and investing in a strong communication campaign. They have also changed the way they manufacture their designer pieces by obtaining their own production facilities almost quadrupling their overall production and production time. This is great news, because, well, it means that there will be more of this label to go around!

With all these improvements, we can expect to see a lot more coming from Paulo Brandao in the near future. We definitely think that this is label to watch out for in regards to style, quality and sophistication.

The brand has recently launched their Spring/Summer collection for 2016, marked by its distinctive and particularly bold character, influenced by a whirlwind of trends and colour. We will be carrying the collection this year and are so excited to be the only boutique in Australia to bring you this brand that celebrates beauty, femininity, strength and class.


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