Designer Profile Series: Egidio Alves, Young, Talented & Killing It

Here's our second installment in our three part blog series on our designers. This week's feature is all about the wonderfully talented Egidio Alves, a fresh, young designer to come out of Portugal taking his brand to new heights.

Egidio Alves is an all-women's designer who caters predominantly for the luxury footwear market. He already has exported his brand to countries like, France, Dubai, Qatar, Holland, South Africa, Mozambique, Italy, the U.S., Spain, Angola and now Australia.

He has already dressed the likes of Fatima Lopes, a Portuguese television presenter, Oceana Basilio, a Portuguese model and actress, Marisa Cruz, A Portuguese model and television presenter, as well as Genine Hart, an up and coming actress and model originally of South African origin, living and working in L.A. He has also just started dressing Canadian singer Laurel Clouston.


Genine Hart strutting her stuff in Egidio Alves Winter Collection

 Oceana Basilio taking a selfie with her latest pieces from Egidio Alves Winter Collection.

Egidio Alves boots worn by Laurel Clouston

Innovation and Luxury is what drove Egidio Alves into shoe design from an early age. He immersed himself into the footwear industry at the age of 18 by selling hand drawn designs and illustrations and became immediately passionate and driven to one-day design and produce his own brand.


He realised that he would have to have technical knowledge to enter into the shoe industry and so he didn't hesitate to establish a training plan. He qualified in the Technical Modelling of Footwear, Footwear Design, Product and Interior Design and finally in a degree of Communication Design. He also invested himself in other areas such as shop window décor mastery, decoration and interior architecture, in order to meet all the necessary requirements of the industry.

With a combination of training and technical knowledge, Egidio participated in multiple national and international footwear competitions and was presented 1st prize in Italy by the Consorcio Vero Cuoio Lineapelle Materials World's Fair, driving him to get his own brand underway.

The Consorcio Vero Cuoio Lineapelle Materials


Armed with raw talent and all the necessary technical skills, he quickly established that his brands' philosophy would be underpinned by the statement: "Having style does not have to be uncomfortable."

Some have likened his work to work of arts, while others have said that it's hard not to like all styles in any given collection. The amazing attributes that characterise his work are maximising on comfort and stability whilst not compromising on the design. He is known for designing his heels at a 6 degree angle so that the foot is resting rather than having all the pressure resting on the ball of your foot, so even though you're in sky high stilettos, you don't feel that you are! If you are someone who can't stand too long in traditional high heels but want to look and feel glamorous, these are the beautiful shoes for you. You get the whole package; trendy heels with none of the discomfort! All of his collections are designed for comfort, style and ergonomics.

We are so delighted to exclusively bring you this talented young designer's work. Ladies you'll have to try them for yourself to appreciate their beauty, comfort and style.


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