Designer Profile Series: Armando Silva, Historic And Timeless

Our third and final installment in our designer profile series is all about Armando Silva, a well-established designer brand that has over 70 years' manufacturing experience. This brand specialises in the manufacture of high quality men's leather dress shoes. The company was founded in 1946 by Armando Luis da Silva in a small footwear workshop with handcrafted production with only 12 shoe makers. Over time the company started being a part of the main international shoe trade fairs and initiated a consistent internationalization process, focusing on fashion trends and strict quality control. The quality control and attention to detail is what underpins their entire brand giving the shoes a timeless elegance even to this day.
Armando Silva have diversified themselves by having several sub-brands under their belt, these being, Yucca, Gino Bianchi and Gino B Sneakers. They all have their own style and cater to their niches very well. Yucca is the brands' specialised loafer brand and is very popular in Europe and abroad.
Gino Bianchi makes gorgeous men's dress shoes that have their own unique style. While the dress shoes that come under the brand of Armando Silva are fabulous, they are more on the traditional side of things in terms of their design, whereas Gino Bianchi play around with patent leathers, buckles, different cuts, colours and textures making them more modern but still dressy.

Alexandre Tavares, Armando Silva's son, who now manages and runs most of the company has said that "Since 1946, "Armando Silva" prides itself on quality, from the heel cap to the shoe string, following through to the comfort offered to our clients. The company doesn't limit itself to manufacturing shoes, it rather offers a personalised touch to all our clients. If the dog happens to chew up the outsoles of your shoes, we will happily change the sole for you as part of our personal service!
Our clients will be expecting more from us in the future, so we are always looking to improve on all aspects to do with our brand from quality, style, comfort, service and uniqueness. We value all our clients therefore we aim to please them in any way that we can."

Apart from the quality, the company practices a rigorous financial plan that allows for controlled pricing which in turn reflects on the selling price, making the collections high in quality but super affordable. That's the best of both worlds really! You get designer quality for a fantastic price meaning the shoes will last you a lifetime and they won't cost you a bomb!
Alexandre continues by saying that, "the future holds a lot of hard work. Investing time in travelling, looking for new markets so as to expand and expose our designer pieces. In the last six to seven years we have intensified our exposure to the international market and Holland tops the list alongside Germany, Austria, Italy and now Australia. Recently we have also entered the U.S. and Canadian markets too."

Armando Silva himself, has recently been decorated by the honourable President of Portugal for his outstanding contribution to the country. It's one of the highest forms of recognition that one can receive. Miguel Esteves Cardoso, one of Portugal's most prominent writers' critics, translator and journalist has said "I admire a man who puts his name on his shoes, there may be other recognised brands out there other than Armando Silva, but none so honest. In comparison to other brands, Armando Silva is the finest, most stylish and most sincere of them all."
What a compliment! Having the latest collection in store, we can safely say that these are gentleman's shoes; unique, sophisticated and made with honesty and sincerity.

We can't wait to see what new collections come from this family of designers that hold their work so close to their hearts!

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